Not all construction companies who work in educational environments have the level of expertise that we do. We know that teachers, staff and pupils work at their best when they have the right tools for the job – and that starts with the building they are in.

We are committed to delivering innovative yet functional education builds and renovations. We work with a range of universities across the country, as well as sixth-form colleges and primary and secondary schools.

We want pupils and staff to be inspired by their environment. Our specialist knowledge of construction in the education sector and our experience delivering high-quality projects on time and on a budget have made us a construction company of choice for many higher education establishments in the North.

We will always ensure that there is minimal disruption to learning while we are on-site and work closely with the education provider to develop plans to ensure that students are still able to learn in a calm environment.

We know there are tight budgets and timescales within the education sector, but we will always collaborate with the school or university so any issues can be dealt with quickly.

  • Huyton with Roby School Alterations
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