Introducing the Frank Rogers Foundation

We’ve set up a charitable foundation and committed to donating £50,000 to good causes in the next 12 months to mark our 50th year of trading. ‘The FR Foundation’ will see us making an enhanced commitment to fundraising each year to deserving causes in the communities we are based.

Our team has been supporting numerous charities since the business’ inception and we have already donated thousands of pounds annually to local charities, good causes, and community initiatives.

Managing Director Dean said: “Since Frank Rogers was first established, we have always been passionate about providing support to our local communities wherever possible. We really wanted to do something that truly had an impact as we celebrate our milestone and look towards the future and our charity work. The causes we have supported so far have really been something that as a team, we are truly proud of.

“Launching the Frank Rogers Foundation and committing to donating £50,000 this financial year is the biggest commitment we can make to ensure that our support has the framework to continue, and that the values on which the business was based upon, continue to run through what comes next.”

Joining Dean on the board will be Chad Thompson as treasurer, who is a Transformation Director specialising in Housing, Central & Local Government Experience. He is also the owner and director of Airbourne Academy – a cause that Frank Rogers has supported for many years.

He said:

“I am truly inspired by the brilliance of Frank Roger’s commitment to supporting those in need and it is an honour to be part of something that recognises the power of compassion and generosity in transforming lives.

“By dedicating our resources and expertise to make a positive impact, we not only uplift individuals and communities, but we also create a ripple effect of hope and empowerment. Through this foundation, we can amplify the voices of the marginalised, provide vital assistance to the vulnerable, and cultivate lasting change.”

As a business, we are very fortunate to have survived pandemics, recessions and many changes in governments, and we’re now in the strongest position we’ve ever been. We are firm believers that our success is down to the standard of successful projects we deliver, which provide us with repeat business and continuity of work. All this could not be achieved without a great team of staff who have bought into the ethos of what we believe and want to achieve.

Most of our work is associated with working within communities, so it is really important for us to be able to give something back to those groups or organisations that need it most.

For more information, contact the Frank Rogers Foundation at

Download the FR Foundation Brochure and Application Form.