Welcome to Frank Rogers – one of the country’s leading building contractors.

Established over half a century ago, Frank Rogers has grown as a testament to our commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and superior project delivery.

This ethos is embedded in every endeavor we undertake. A testament to our consistency and quality, clients repeatedly choose us, confident in our promise of exceptional service and outstanding results. We take immense pride in harnessing local talent, and it’s their dedication and expertise that reinforces our esteemed reputation as a contractor of choice.

Frank Rogers boasts the resources, prowess, and deep-rooted experience required to manage a vast array of construction challenges. From designing and executing expansive ventures in both the private and commercial realms to specialized refurbishments and swift responsive tasks, our capabilities remain unparalleled.

We also have a separate Fire Stopping division, FR Fire Protection, that offers a full advisory, delivery and maintenance service.

Quality matters at Frank Rogers

At Frank Rogers, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and aim to be your first choice for construction and all other related services.

We consistently deliver high-quality outcomes safely and professionally, working closely with you throughout your project.

Our team will always prioritise the delivery of outstanding craftsmanship and durable structures that stand the test of time. We adhere to industry standards and employ skilled professionals with the expertise and experience necessary to execute construction projects precisely.

With a keen eye for detail and a focus on selecting high-grade materials and implementing stringent quality control measures, we will ensure that every aspect of our work exceeds expectations.

Once the build is complete, that isn’t the end for us. We review the quality of the work and all of the procedures involved to ensure that every aspect of the project has been completed to the highest standard.

Health and safety are of utmost importance to us as responsible building contractors, as we prioritise the well-being of our workforce and the people we work with.

At Frank Rogers, we ensure that our team follows safety principles from the first time they step on site. We conduct thorough site assessments to identify potential hazards and proactively address safety concerns at every stage of a construction project.

We emphasise maintaining safe working environments, implementing rigorous safety protocols, and adhering to industry regulations. We invest in comprehensive training programmes to ensure our employees have the knowledge and skills necessary to mitigate risks and prevent accidents.

We provide personal protective equipment (PPE), promote a culture of safety awareness, and encourage open communication channels to report and address any safety issues promptly. In addition, we use drones to conduct site surveys and inspections for structural faults, and by using footage from above, we can quickly identify and map hazardous areas.

By consistently upholding high health and safety standards, we have created an environment where workers can confidently perform their tasks, minimising the likelihood of accidents.

We employ a NEBOSH-qualified Health and Safety Manager who oversees this vital aspect of the operation. Their role is to ensure that all employees and contractors work to the highest standards of Health and Safety practices and ensure the smooth running of jobs from concept to completion.

Having worked on sites for five decades, we know that the work we do can impact the environment, and we will always take this into consideration. Our commitment to operating a sustainable business is reflected by our Certification to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.

On every project, we implement a policy that outlines how we will consider the environment in areas such as energy use, waste management and pollution reduction.

We have an outstanding team of people at Frank Rogers, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. Our success over the last 50 years is down to the highly skilled and talented people we have here and their excellent work.

A happy team will positively impact the business and the work we continue to deliver.

We encourage the personal development of our employees and will always provide appropriate training to ensure they are the best they possibly can be for our clients and themselves.

“Elm Terrace, Kensington has been a key project for us, and part of a wider programme of regeneration in the area. We have been able to not only bring empty buildings back into use and remove blight, but have also ensured these historic buildings are preserved.”
“It’s brilliant to be able to give something back to our communities – the local Magnet branch, is heavily involved in the supply of kitchens and utilities to homes throughout Liverpool and Wirral, often through housing associations and as such our work is often community focused. We’re pleased to be able to support Kirkby Church of England School and leave a lasting legacy that the youngster will benefit from for many years.”
Lucy Turner, Magnet
“As part of our effort to combat fuel poverty and provide renewable energy sources to our remote properties, Frank Rogers assisted us in piloting different air source heat pumps. “Using the findings, a period of monitoring will establish if One Vision Housing is to install other initiatives to our other rural properties.”
“I am very pleased to continue our relationship with Frank Rogers as over the last two years they have consistently delivered a product that meets our resident’s expectations. They have risen to the challenge of meeting a demanding client brief having bought into our Neighbourhood Investor ethos and have delivered consistently high KPI’s. I look forward to another successful four years for both parties.”
“When we request this type of work, the response times are always quick and the contractor do a good job in light of the work they have to carry out to rectify this problem.”
Jayne Stuart, EMB Properties