Chorley Moore Housing – Phase 3 External Landscaping

Client: Chorley Moore Housing
Contract value: £280,000
Duration: 13 weeks


The team at Chorley Moore have now completed phase 3 of the regeneration programme, improving and enhancing the exterior façade and landscapes of a series of former council homes in Chorley.

The final phase which sees soft landscaping and boundary wall’s and railing, complete the transformation. The project has proved to be the final piece in the jigsaw that has dramatically improved the area.

A total of 36 homes were involved in the area across a single street. The area had begun to feel tired and was chosen to form part of a wider regneration programme to help breathe new life into the area.

Dave Lindeman, Contracts Manager at Frank Rogers said:

“Now we have reached completion the changes that formed part of the programme are really apparent. It’s fantastic to see, and the residents are delighted with the change that has reignited their love for their homes and surrounding areas.”