Frank Rogers are pleased to announce that they have been accepted for membership of the ASFP (Association for Specialist Fire Protection).

Gaining membership of the leading trade association for the industry ensures Frank Rogers will follow the guidance laid down by ASFP including best practice.

Dean Rogers, Managing Director of Frank Rogers commented:

“Fire risk works are becoming an increasingly important part of our business and as such, we are keen to ensure that we operate to the highest of standards.

“Becoming part of the ASFP will help shape our approach moving forward as we retain a safety-first approach in every aspect of our operations.”

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) was established in 1975 to represent and support the activities of the fire industry in relation to all forms of ‘built in’ fire protection.

The ASFP brings together passive fire protection manufacturers, contractors and testing/certification bodies to encourage, develop and give guidance on essential standards in passive fire protection.

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