Maintaining and monitoring your fire doors is critical if they are to retain their original integrity and offer premium levels of protection in the event of a fire. Note the following checklist and keep your building and the people inside safe:

Close it

All fire doors must close completely. Try testing – open the door and let it go, allowing it to close naturally. Check that it sits flush with the frame and doesn’t stick. If you have double doors check that they are lined up when fully closed.

Know your gaps

There is strict criteria in place in terms of gap measurement across the door. The top and sides of the doors should have a gap that is less than 4mm from the frame, whilst from door to floor the gap, should be less than 10mm when fully closed. If these measurement aren’t adhered to, smoke can penetrate the opening.

Frame it

Purchasing the right frame for each door is vital. Incorrect specification of a frame can make your fire door redundant in the event of a fire.

Seal it

All fire doors should be fitted with intumescent seals that are placed correctly. These must be firmly attached inside the groove of the frame or door leaf.


Each fire door requires a minimum of three hinges, firmly fixed with all screws fitted. It’s important that these are fitted with the correct screws and fittings to prevent smoke penetration.

Door closer

Ensuring that the fire door is fully closed is key, therefore. each door must be fitted with a working door closer.

Hold open devices

Do not keep your fire door open by placing an object in front. If you need to keep your fire door open, use a recommended device that will release when alerted.

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