Riverside HousingRiverside Housing Group – Fire upgrades, Powerhouse Foyer

Client: Riverside Housing Group


Powerhouse Foyer is a large support facility that offers accommodation and support for young people aged 16-24 in South Liverpool. Frank Rogers were tasked with delivering a full scale fire upgrade programme throughout the facility, encompassing some 52 rooms and 22 communal areas.

Following a detailed inspection, Frank Rogers proposed a series of recommendations. During a 6 month programme a small team of multi skilled operatives were based permanently at the site. Work included repair and replacement of fire doors, ensuring each was fitted with intumecsent strips whilst overhead door closures were repaired and hinges upgraded to ensure they were fully compliant with fire regulations. Any existing damage to fire doors or frames were addressed and repaired or replaced

The team worked within a live environment and were keen to ensure that they caused as little disruption as possible to residents.

Mike Travis of Frank Rogers said:

“Our staff are incredibly aware of potential disruption within an occupied residential facility and work according to strict schedules and guidelines. With skilled joiners working at the project, doors were removed and replaced quickly and efficiently. Upon completion the Powerhouse was fully compliant with all fire and health and safety regulations.”

Client testimonial:

We have recently had a planned programme of fire door replacement in our building. This has taken place over a number of weeks.

I would like to commend the workforce from Frank Rogers, including their manager Lee Howarth. They have done an excellent job and carried out the works efficiently and professionally. All the workmen onsite were very pleasant and they set up their own work area in one of our archive rooms, keeping our other rooms and corridors in use with as little disruption as possible to our staff and residents. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Frank Rogers as an organisation.

Laura Farnworth. Housing Team Leader, The Powerhouse, Riverside