One Vision HousingOne Vision Housing – Installation of Green Technologies

Client: One Vision Housing


Liverpool-based Frank Rogers has installed two air source heat pumps at properties in Melling and Lunt for One Vision Housing.

The project

Both homes had previously relied on electricity and coal for utilities. Following an initial trial period, if successful, similar systems will be introduced to approx. another 35 homes within remote or hard to reach areas across Merseyside.

An air source heat pump extracts heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. It can get heat from the air even when the temperature is as low as -15°C. Heat pumps rely on electricity to run, but the heat they extract from the ground, air, or water is constantly being renewed naturally. Residents can expecting excess of £500 saving on their annual energy bill following the introduction of the air source heat pump into their home.

New technology, including heat pumps, are being explored by One Vision Housing as alternative energy sources as prices continue to rise and a reduction in carbon emissions becomes a stronger priority. The Frank Rogers team have already begun to embrace such technologies ensuring staff are trained to deliver, install and maintain a broad range of sustainable measures.

Barry Fallows of Frank Rogers said:

“As a contractor, we must stay ahead of new and emerging trends – undoubtedly, low carbon technologies are becoming increasingly important and well recognised by both the public and private sector.”