Our Very Favourite Octogenrian!

Our Very Favourite Octogenrian!

Frank Rogers is celebrating the landmark birthday of its most senior staff member, John Mcenery who’s turned 80!

John who was recruited in his prime at 74, has worked for 6 years as official yard man and is in no rush to retire. The team celebrated John’s birthday, presenting him with a bottle of his favourite tipple and Marks and Spencer vouchers.

John said:

“You’re as old you feel I say and I certainly don’t feel 80. I love coming to work and there’s no reason why I would want to leave just yet. As long as I keep doing my job in the way that I should, I’ll still be here!”

Dean Rogers, Managing Director of Frank Rogers said:

“John is a real asset and a firm part of our team. It’s great to be able to mark his big birthday with him – he’s quite the inspiration to us all.”

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