Healing Hands Help Staff Keep Calm At Frank Rogers

Healing Hands Help Staff Keep Calm At Frank Rogers

Staff at building company, Frank Rogers, are being encouraged to relax and unwind by taking up a corporate offer of holistic therapies to help manage stress in the workplace.

Hiren Patel Managing Director at Blissful Tranquility giving Darrell Young, Health and Safety Manager at Frank Rogers a head massage at the head office. In a proactive move by Health and Safety Manager, Darrell Young, alongside Group Managing Director, Dean Rogers, the pair where keen to support staff, offering stress relief via a number of alternative holistic measures.

The Frank Rogers team has all been offered regular short sessions with holistic expert Hiren Patel, Managing Director at Blissful Tranquillity who provides reflexology and Indian head massage treatments. All sessions so far have taken place at the company’s head office but the company are considering extending the sessions to on site in the near future. A fifth of staff, including Managing Director Dean, have enjoyed one or more treatments. Site Manager Dave McIntyre who was one of the first to take part has taken the experience a step further, joining a local Yoga class and regularly practising meditation.

Darrell Young, Health and Safety Manager at Frank Rogers said:

“We are very aware here at Frank Rogers about the health and wellbeing of all of our staff and are keen to look at new and innovative ways of ensuring they are able to manage increased levels of staff and that we can proactively support them. The introduction of holistic therapies to all of our staff was met with a certain scepticism by some whist others have really embraced it. Hopefully through word of mouth, more and more people will be keen to try it out and see whether this approach works for them.”

Dean Rogers, Managing director of Frank Rogers added:

“The construction industry is definitely a high pressured environment which can lead to people feeling stressed and under pressure. The ideas Darrell’s put forward through our work with Hiren Patel aren’t ones typically associated with the building sector but one we’re keen to explore further!”

Hiren Patel, Managing Director at Blissful Tranquility added:

“It’s always great when we are approached to provide massage treatments by forward thinking companies who want to explore avenues to improving well being in their organisation. Massage in the workplace is easy to implement and working with a construction company is new to us, however, the people who work at Frank Rogers give the same feedback as most other companies, they feel appreciated and grateful by receiving these treatments. Darrell & Dean are a pleasure to work with in helping them to enhance the morale and reduce the stress levels in their busy organisation.”

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